Wheels of Change [1992] with Reid Sasser

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Directors: John Connor, Steve Mohl
Writer: John Connor
Host: Reid Sasser

Back of tape write-up:
It’s all here. From the days of the solid tire, chain drive trucks to the super rigs of today “Wheels of Change” tells the story of the men and machines that shaped America. Never before has this exciting story been told … anywhere! Through rare film clips, amazing personal stories and dramatic recreations, you’ll follow the epic adventure of trucks and truckers as they carve their way through a country of unpaved roads, carry the fight in WWII, and haul America into the 21st century. If you love trucks, prepare yourself for a 90 minute layover. You’ll see trucks of every description… the early electrics… the streamlined beauties of the late 30’s… the workhorses of the 50’s… and the powerful giants of today. Pop this video into your VCR and get set for the ride of your life! Remember how you felt as a kid when you saw a truck go by? Or the thrill of climbing behind the wheel for the very first time? If you’ve ever wanted to share the feeling with family and friends of what it means to get out on the open road, “wheels of change” will bring it home in a way that everyone will enjoy…time and time again. The story of trucking is the story of America. Exciting. Entertaining. Powerful. Finally… the great story is told.

Running Time: 84 Minutes

VHS case: Only minor imperfections exist
Case condition rating: 9.0/10

VHS Tape: Perfect
Tape condition rating: 10/10

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