Voyage to the Planets [1999]

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Reader’s Digest Presents (from the BBC) Voyage to the Planets

Running time: 110 minutes

Executive Producer: John Lynch
Narrator: Peter Thomas

VHS case: some corners show slight wear, front middle has a dent
Case condition rating: 8.0/10

VHS Tape: Perfect
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: Reader’s Digest presents Voyage to the Planets. Take the ultimate voyage. First you will journey to the remarkable rocky planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Dive into the ferocious skies of Venus. Explore Mars, with its mysterious river channels – was there once life there? Passing comets and asteroids to travel out to the mysterious giant planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. See stunning images beamed from space and amazing computer animations and much more. The whole family will enjoy viewing this wonderful video featuring “Voyage to the Planets.”

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