Vegas Vacation [1997] starring Chevy Chase

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Director: Stephen Kessler
Writers: Elisa Bell, Bob Ducsay
Stars: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid

IMDB Link: Vegas Vacation

VHS case: Blockbuster price sticker on front, Blockbuster sticker over upc, side panels have creases, top right side of front has a small crease
Case condition rating: 8.5/10

VHS Tape: Blockbuster rewind sticker on front/side, and for good measure, another one on the rear
Tape condition rating: 7.0/10

Plot: In the fourth outing for the vacation franchise, the Griswolds have to survive Vegas fever when they go to Las Vegas for a fun family vacation.

Previews/Ads: Toshiba DVD, Michael, My Fellow Americans, Murder at 1600, Waiting for Guffman, Jackie Chan’s First Strike, Touch

Also Starring: Ethan Embry, Marisol Nichols, Miriam Flynn, Shae D’lyn, Wayne Newton, Siegfried Fischbacher, Roy Horn, Wallace Shawn, Sid Caesar, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Sly Smith, Julia Sweeney, Corinna Harney, Joe Armeno, Christie Brinkley, Juliette Brewer, Zach Moyes, John Finnegan, Seth T. Walker, Howard Platt, Elizabeth Illia, Wayne Brown, Maria Cina, Wendy Kaufman, Joe Lacoco, David L. Garoutte, C.C. Costigan, Peter George, Frank Mendonga, Daniel Steven Lopez, Shannah Laumeister Stern, Aki, Bud Ekins, Gary Devaney, Jerry Weintraub, Bernie Yuman, Paul Kessler, S.A. Griffin, Lou DiMaggio, Ruth Gillis, Samuel J. Marber, Antonio Mitchell, Jason Stuart, Nick Mazzola, James Migliore, Reno Nichols, Frank Washko Jr., Ken Michelman, Clinton Brandhagen, Hayley Mortison, Gene Ellison-Jones, Steve ‘Biscuit’ Walker, Rusty Meyers, Roxy Swaney, Billy Morrissette, Sharon Mendel, Larry Hankin, Alana Austin, Vanessa Bednar, Colleen Ann Brah, John Branch, Kira Burt, Jeffrey Donovan, Geri Gilmore, Christopher Robin Hood, Toby Huss, Walter Ludwig, Johnny Mansbach, Chad Olshavsky, Frank Patton, Bob Pepper, Jay So, Edward Tubbs, Chris Velvin

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