The Cell [2000] Starring Jennifer Lopez

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Director: Tarsem Singh
Writer: Mark Protosevich
Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent D’Onofrio

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VHS case: Bottom edge and top flap show some wear, some edges show imperfections
Case condition rating: 8.5/10

VHS Tape: Perfect
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: An FBI agent persuades a social worker, who is adept with a new experimental technology, to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer in order to learn where he has hidden his latest kidnap victim.

Previews/Ads: New Line eBuzz, DVD format
After the Feature: Documentary on the Making of The Cell

Also Starring: Colton James, Dylan Baker, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Gerry Becker, Musetta Vander, Patrick Bauchau, Catherine Sutherland, James Gammon, Jake Weber, Dean Norris, Tara Subkoff, Lauri Johnson, John Cothran, Jack Conley, Kamar de los Reyes, Christopher Janney, Nicholas Cascone, Joe La Piana, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jake Thomas, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls, Jennifer Day, Alanna Vicente, Aja Echols, Vanessa Branch, Elena Maddalo, Gareth Williams, Glenda Chism, Monica Lacy, Joy Creel, Leanna Creel, Alan D. Purwin, Tim, Roger Ferreira, Calvi Pabon, Peter Sarsgaard

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