The Burning Bed [1984] starring Farrah Fawcett

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Director: Robert Greenwald
Writer: Rose Leiman Goldemberg, Faith McNulty
Stars: Farrah Fawcett, Paul Le Mat, Richard Masur

IMDB Link: The Burning Bed

VHS case: Some minor cosmetic imperfections
Case condition rating: 8.5/10

VHS Tape: Almost perfect
Tape condition rating: 9.0/10

Plot: An abused battered wife has had enough of husband beating up on her. Everywhere she turns for help, there’s not much anyone will do. After he rapes her one night, she sets the bed on fire with him in it asleep.

Also Starring: Grace Zabriskie, Penelope Milford, Christa Denton, James T. Callahan, Gary Grubbs, David Friedman, David Andrews, James Hampton, Virgil Frye, Dixie K. Wade, Heather Rich, Justin Gocke, Elizabeth Lyn Fraser, Ben Fuhrman, Kimberley Dashiell, Fred D. Scott, Patricia George, Hoolihand Burke, Sherry McFarland, Gilmer McCormick, Anna Pagan, Sonny Carl Davis, Delana Michaels, Greg Norberg, Jeremy Ross, Freddie Dawson, Jeffrey Lampert, Wayne Knight, David Ward

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