The Blair Witch Project [1999] Starring Heather Donahue

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Directors: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez
Writers: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez
Stars: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard

IMDB Link: The Blair Witch Project

VHS case: Some creases exist on the back, Front has a large piece of clear tape (not very noticeable), Previewed movie sticker covers the upc
Case condition rating: 6.0/10

VHS Tape: UPC sticker on front tape cover, small white sticker on one side, ’89’ written in marker on the right tape window
Tape condition rating: 7.5/10

Plot: Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind.

Previews/Ads: Video- What You Want to Watch, Felicia’s Journey, Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai, Way of the Gun, Stir of Echoes, The Limey, Black Mask, Stargate, Drugstore Cowboy, The Stand, Black Mask (again), Artisan Entertainment DVDs, The Blair Witch Project
After the feature: Bonus footage

Also Starring: Bob Griffin, Jim King, Sandra Sánchez, Ed Swanson, Patricia DeCou, Mark Mason, Susie Gooch