The Big Green [1995] starring Steve Guttenberg

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Director: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Writer: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d’Abo, Jay O. Sanders

IMDB Link: The Big Green

VHS case: Some normal wear present
Case condition rating: 9.0/10

VHS Tape: Perfect
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: A teacher on exchange from England is placed in an underachieving Texan school, where she coaches the children in soccer, improving their self esteem and leading to unexpected success.

Previews/Ads: Toy Story video game, Gordy, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, Man of the House, Timon & Pumbaa sing Stand by Me

Also Starring: John Terry, Chauncey Leopardi, Patrick Renna, Billy L. Sullivan, Yareli Arizmendi, Bug Hall, Jessica Robertson, Anthony Esquivel, Jordan Brower, Hayley Kolb, Haley Miller, Ashley Welch, Ariel Welch, Jimmy Higa, Gil Glasgow, Libby Villari, Louanne Stephens, John Bourg, Tyler Bishop, Milt Oberman, Nik Hagler, Stephen Parr, Britney Crosson, Lauren King, Heath Young

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