Tear it Down [1999] starring Richard Eden

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Director: Jeff Boortz
Writer: Jeff Boortz
Stars: Richard Eden, Samantha MacLachlan, Glenn Plummer

IMDB Link: Tear it Down

VHS case: Blockbuster sticker over upc, Edges and corner show major wear
Case condition rating: 6.0/10

VHS Tape: Blockbuster rewind sticker on rear
Tape condition rating: 7.5/10

Plot: Matthew goes to a hotel in the projects with the sole reason to commit suicide. But when a woman is in deep trouble with the neighborhood thugs he unwillingly gets involved, conflicted by his desires to end his life or to save the woman.

Previews/Ads: Hell’s Kitchen, Legacy, The Price of Kissing

Also Starring: Lombardo Boyar, Gary Bristow, Ernest Nyle Brown, Randy F. Close, John Fujioka, Patricia Garcia, Larry Holden, Christine Kapetan, Allan Louis, Reno Rankin, Richard Retes, Harper Roisman, Julia Vera, Kathryn Atwood, Ryan Bittle, Allen Carter, Lisa Rotondi, Danny O’Brien, Curt Dott, Steven L. Boortz, Samora Hagoplan, John Edward, Stacey Wilson, Mandy Martin, John Sideropoulos