Shirley Valentine [1989] starring Pauline Collins

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Director: Lewis Gilbert
Writers: Willy Russell
Stars: Pauline Collins, Tom Conti, Julia McKenzie

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VHS case: Only minor imperfections
Case condition rating: 8.5/10

VHS Tape: Perfect, factory upc sticker on front tape cover
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: Shirley’s a middle-aged Liverpool housewife, who finds herself talking to the wall while she prepares her husband’s chip’n’egg, wondering what happened to her life.

Also Starring: Alison Steadman, Joanna Lumley, Sylvia Syms, Bernard Hill, George Costigan, Anna Keaveney, Tracie Bennett, Ken Sharrock, Karen Craig, Gareth Jefferson, Gillian Kearney, Catharine Duncan, Cardew Robinson, Honora Burke, Marc Zuber, Deborah Yhip, Ray Armstrong, John Hartley, Marlene Morley, Annee Blott, Matthew Long, Ruth Russell, Sarah Nolan, Diane Whitley, Joanne Zorian, Geraldine Griffiths, Elaine Boisseau, Giorgos Xidakis, Sheila Aza, Alex Wright, Ged McKenna, Roy Beck

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