Running Against Time [1990] starring Robert Hays

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Director: Bruce Seth Green
Writers: Stanley Shapiro, Robert Glass
Stars: Robert Hays, Catherine Hicks, Sam Wanamaker

IMDB Link: Running Against Time

VHS case: Large video store sticker on front, mark from a removed sticker towards the top, edges & corners show wear, another removed sticker mark on the back, sticker on top panel
Case condition rating: 6.0/10

VHS Tape: Back label is perforated, removed video store sticker on the side
Tape condition rating: 8.5/10

Plot: History professor David Rhodes never has got over the death of his older brother, 1966 in Vietnam. When he hears the rumor that a famous professor is working on a time machine, he immediately contacts him and persuades him to allow him to travel back in time and correct history.

Also Starring: Wayne Tippit, James DiStefano, Tracy Fraim, Juanita Jennings, Mark Phelan, Paul Scherrer, Brian Smiar, Milt Tarver, Russ Marin, Julie Ariola, Duncan Gamble, Damion Stevens, Michael Whaley, Dean Hill, Richard Gilbert-Hill, Gerald Berns, Darlene Kardon, Warren Sweeney, Juan Pope, Nike Doukas, Pepper Sweeney, Rusty Schwimmer, Andrew Walker, Thomas Robert Burke, Ron Troncatty, Tim DeZarn, Alberto Manquero, Troy Flynn