Reservoir Dogs [1992] starring Harvey Keitel

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Director: Quentin Tarantino
Writers: Quentin Tarantino, Nick Castle
Stars: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen

IMDB Link: Reservoir Dogs

VHS case: Some minor imperfections exist.
Case condition rating: 9.0/10

VHS Tape: Perfect
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: When a simple jewelry heist goes horribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.

Previews/Ads: Artisan Home Entertainment, Buena Vista Social Club, Black Mask

Also Starring: Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Randy Brooks, Kirk Baltz, Edward Bunker, Quentin Tarantino, Rich Turner, David Steen, Tony Cosmo, Stevo Polyi, Michael Sottile, Robert Ruth, Lawrence Bender, Linda Kaye, Suzanne Celeste, Steven Wright, Laurie Lathem, Maria Strova, Burr Steers, Craig Hamann, Jeff Shea, Gerard van Gent, Rowland Wafford

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