Norman’s Awesome Experience [1988] starring Tom McCamus

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Director: Paul Donovan
Writer: Paul Donovan
Stars: Tom McCamus, Laurie Paton, Jacques Lussier

IMDB Link: Norman’s Awesome Experience

VHS case: Factory Sealed
Case condition rating: 9.0/10

VHS Tape: Factory Sealed
Tape condition rating: 10/10

Plot: A scientist, a model and a photographer, by accident; are sent back in time to ancient Switzerland during the reign of the Roman Emperor Nero, being captured by the Gallic Arverni.

Also Starring: David Hemblen, Larry Perkins, Marcos Woinsky, Gabriela Salos, Brian Downey, Armando Capo, Enrique Latorre, Jorge Luis Estrella, Jacques Arndt, Theodore McNabney, Bill Carr, Carlos Weber, Marcelo Serre, Gaston A. Martelli, Jorge Vells, Damien Duard, Carlos Marchi, Fabián Stratas, Omar Lefose, Nestor Protto, Daniel Visicaro, Alejandro Rasillo, Gastón Durán, Glovana Sportelli, Christina Girons, Marcella Escobar, Monica Bellotti, Nancy Johnson, Cristina Cardinaux, Marcella C. Garcia, Carmen Aguirre

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