Murder by Numbers [1993] starring Sandra Bullock

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Director: Barbet Schroeder
Writer: Tony Gayton
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Ben Chaplin, Ryan Gosling

IMDB Link: Murder by Numbers

VHS case: Come corners & edges show wear, top flap shows fraying, sticker half removed on back over the upc, ‘T’ written on upc
Case condition rating: 6.0/10

VHS Tape: ‘T’ written on label, minor scuff marks, Blockbuster rewind sticker on rear
Tape condition rating: 7.0/10

Plot: Two gifted high school students execute a “perfect” murder – then become engaged in an intellectual contest with a seasoned homicide detective.

Also Starring: Michael Pitt, Agnes Bruckner, Chris Penn, R.D. Call, Tom Verica, Janni Brenn, John Vickery, Michael Canavan, Krista Carpenter, Neal Matarazzo, Adilah Barnes, Jim Jansen, Paula Scarpino, Brian Stepanek, Sharon Madden, John Doolittle, Dennis Cockrum, Eric Saiet, Nancy Osborne, Ralph Seymour, Christine Healy, Nick Offerman, Todd Leatherbury, Jason Flowers, JR Garcia, Melissa Greenfield, Michael Samluk, Valentin Siroon

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