King Kong Lives [1986] starring Brian Kerwin

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Director: John Guillermin
Writers: Ronald Shusett, Steven Pressfield, Merian C. Cooper, Edgar Wallace
Stars: Brian Kerwin, Linda Hamilton, Peter Elliott

IMDB Link: King Kong Lives

VHS case: VHS cover box is cut and inserted into plastic shell case.
Case condition rating: 6.0/10

VHS Tape: Assorted video store stickers
Tape condition rating: 7.5/10

Plot: Kong falls from the twin towers and he appears to be alive. However, his heart is failing, so it’s replaced with an artificial one. All is well until he senses that there’s a female Kong somewhere out there and escapes wreaking havoc.

Also Starring: George Antoni, John Ashton, Peter Michael Goetz, Frank Maraden, Alan Sader, Lou Criscuolo, Marc Clement, Richard Rhodes, Larry Souder, Ted Prichard, Jayne Gray, Debbie McLeod, Elizabeth Hayes, Nat Christian, Mac Pirkle, Larry Sprinkle, Rod Davis, David de Vries, Bonnie Johnson, J. Michael Hunter, Robin Cahall, Don Law, Jack Maloney, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Jeff Benninghofen, Jim Grimshaw, Bernard Addison, Michael McClendon, Jimmy Wiggins, Mary Swafford, Michael Forest, Leon Rippy, Wallace Merck, Dean Whitworth, Herschel Sparber, Dandy Stevenson, Lydia Smith, Hope Nunnery, Margaret Freeman, Winston Hemingway, Tom Parkhill, Jeffrey Buckner Ford, Derek Pearson, Gary Kaikaka, Duke Ernsberger, Mike Starr, Shannon Rowell, Michael Bard Bayer, Jeff Bridges, Benjamin Kechley, Scott King, Jessica Lange, Eddy Schumacher, Matt Totty