Dominick & Eugene [1995] starring Ray Liotta

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Director: Robert M. Young
Writers: Corey Blechman, Danny Porfirio, Alvin Sargent
Stars: Ray Liotta, Tom Hulce, Jamie Lee Curtis

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VHS case: ‘JT Noga’ written on top left corner. Corners show wear. Surfaces have imperfections. One bottom corner is slightly peeled back.
Case condition rating: 7.0/10

VHS Tape: ‘JT Noga’ also written on tape. Rewind sticker on tape window. 2 removed sticker glue remnants on side & bottom. Video store upc sticker on side.
Tape condition rating: 7.0/10

Plot: Dominick and Eugene are twins, but Dominick is a little bit slow due do an accident in his youth. They live together, with Dominick working as garbage man to put Eugene through medical school. Their relationship becomes strained when Eugene must decide between his devotion to his brother, or his need to go away to complete his training. Things are also not helped by Dominick’s co-worker, or Eugene’s budding romance.

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Also Starring: Robert Levine, Todd Graff, Bill Cobbs, Mimi Cecchini, Tommy Snelsire, Mary-Joan Negro, Tom Signorelli, John Romer, David Perry, Joe Maruzzo, R. Scott Peck, Charles Susan, Jack Boslet, Matthew J. Ravenstahl, Shawn Ebbert, Jacqueline Knapp, David Strathairn, Vincent Chianese, Joe Marmo, Daniel Krell, Thomas Rocco, Bingo O’Malley, Amanda Picciafoco, Megan Picciafoco, Lindsay Harms, Lauren Harms, John Naples Jr., Mel Winkler, Victoria Dym, Raymond Laine, John W. Iwanonkiw, Fred Lehman