Adventures in Spying [1992] Starring Bernie Coulson, Jill Schoelen & G. Gordon Liddy

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Director: Hil Covington
Writer: Hil Covington
Stars: Bernie Coulson, Jill Schoelen, G. Gordon Liddy

IMDB Link: Adventures in Spying

VHS case: Many dents and slight creases on all surfaces, round sticker on front labeled ‘adventure’
Case condition rating: 4.0/10

VHS Tape: good condition, be kind rewind sticker on tape window, #83 written in marker on other tape window, title hand-written in cursive on a label sticker on the rear, upc code sticker on one side
Overall tape condition rating: 7/10

Previews: Big Girls Don’t Cry They Get Even, The Player

Plot: Brian McNichols and his mate, Shoup are folding newspapers in their Toyota Ute, for their paper round, when they spot a notorious criminal who is supposedly dead. They know there is a reward for his capture, so the two friends go to the local policeman who does not believe a single word they say. So they decide, by themselves, to prove that the criminal is alive… and in their town!

Also Starring: Seymour Cassel, Corey Gunnestad, Michael Emil, Michael Bowen, John Billingsley, Matthew Brooks, David McIntyre, David Wasman, Krisha Fairchild, Row Avers, Ted D’Arms, Coby Scheldt, Sean Hagerty, Paul Fleming, Paul Shapiro, Ethan Sandler, Jillian Armenante, Vickie Lynn Rosemont, Jan Cocek, Arthur H. Cahn, Robert Munns, Kimberle Blunt, Peter Riches, Rory Van Berk, Gary Edelik, Mike Patans, Paul Fleming, John Harkins

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