50 Classics Volume 1 [VHS] From Diamond Entertainment Corp.

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From Diamond Entertainment Corp.

VHS case: Top corner shows wear, the number 2 is written on the front, one side has a crease
Case condition rating: 6.5/10

VHS Tape: Perfect. Label has some fading (or just a poor quality stamp)
Tape condition rating: 9.0/10

Cartoon List on the back of the box:
Patriotic Popeye – Popeye
Parlez Vous Woo – Popeye
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves – Popeye
Floor Flusher – Popeye
Fright to the Finish – Popeye
Taxi Turvi – Popeye
Crazy Town – Popeye
Cooking with Gags – Popeye
Spooky Swabs – Popeye
Casper the Friendly Ghost – Casper
Spooking of Africa – Casper
Play Safe – Casper
Neptune Nonsense – Felix the Cat
Bold King Cole – Felix the Cat
A Flycycle Built for Two – The Three Stooges
Dindo Poodi – The Three Stooges
Latest Gun in the West – The Three Stooges
Gangster Dragster – The Three Stooges
Three Wizards of Odds – The Three Stooges
Rob N. Hood – The Three Stooges
Pow Wow Wow – The Three Stooges
Chick and Double Chick – Little Lulu
Dick Whittington’s Cat
We the Animals Squeak
It’s a Greek Life
Daniel Boone
Peer Gynt and the Hall of the Mountain King
Noah’s Ark
Miguel, the Mighty Matador
David and Goliath
Two for the Zoo – Cabby
Wolf Wolf – Mighty Mouse
Musical Lulu – Little Lulu
Peter and the Wolf
The Trojan Horse
The Emperor’s Nightingale
Eagle and the Thrush
The Little Hawk
Tom Sawyer
Robin Hood
Knights of Old
Treasure Island
King’s Trumpet
The Dover Boys
The Three Bears
Gulliver’s Travels
Casey at the Bat
The Bored Cockoo
Comin’ Round the Mountain
Fifth Column Mouse

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