Here at RecollectVHS, I scour the Facebook Marketplaces, the thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales to re-claim your lost VHS collection.

You’re just like me: you thought you didn’t need your VHS tapes anymore. DVDs were so much better. Then came BluRay! But you got hit with nostalgia at some point. You don’t hate your BluRays or your DVDs- you just miss your tapes.

Look around & use the search box. I have added every actor, writer, and director’s name to each tape description so you can find anything you need. I even listed the previews that are on each tape.

Condition is also included in each description. There are separate scores for the slip cover and the actual tape. Any VHS box I would deem 5/10 or lower are not included on my site. I’m pretty strict on the clamshell tapes that I allow to be listed. Kids typically didn’t take very good care of their tape cases, so if there are cracks in the plastic, I will usually not bother listing them. EVERY tape is mold-free and plays in a VCR. Your tape will also always arrive rewound.

Every picture for every tape for sale is a photo of the actual tape you’re buying- not just a stock photo. There is also a screenshot of the tape playing on a VCR to prove it is functional.

My name is Scott Wojcinski. I am just a one-man operation here, so there could be some human error on the descriptions or on the website. I work very hard to have accurate information and I also work very hard to package the sold tapes and send them out promptly. I am dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the form below or e-mail me directly at scott [AT]

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